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with Jenny Green

Do you get a tight lower back or back pain, or do you struggle with your leg aids, not get the response from your horse you were looking for?  Equestrian Pilates will help you understand why this happens and learn how to correct it. 

Equestrian Pilates is for all riders, from competitive to recreational, it will give you the tools to develop your self-awareness and increase your riding fitness.  Working with rider bio-mechanics you will learn how to improve your posture and body balance on (and off your horse). Allowing you to enjoy your riding more and improve your performance. 

You can see dramatic improvements in your riding skill, health and enjoyment by applying Equestrian Pilates simple techniques.  Regular practice will improve your fitness, riding skills and riding enjoyment for yourself and your horse.

CONTACT: jenny@bodywisecoaching.co.nz    027528569131